STOS Adventure Creator

The STOS Adventure Creator was released in 1992 and later followed up by the STOS Graphic Adventure Creator in 1994. Both creators allowed you to create retro text adventure games on the Atari ST computer. You learn how to write locations, create objects, map directions and puzzles. You can download both creators from the retro […]

The Wallet

Jack Waite, a small time crook, hid behind a large skip in the dark alley. The rain lashed down and he pulled his jacket tightly around him as he shivered in the cold. He threw the smouldering remains of his cigarette onto the damp ground and stamped it out with his heel. He trembled. Not […]

The Eye

Tommy stood in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Gazing into the mirror he admired his cropped blond hair and (in his opinion) a handsome set of features. Averting his eyes to his Power Rangers pajamas his mind drifted to that glorious day when he could be just like his heroes. His mum had promised him […]

The Correct Mindset

Applying the correct mindset means to focus on a set of rules and stick with them. The following rules apply to building your home business. Focus and apply them at all times and never consider giving up. Tell yourself that failure is not an option. There is nothing complicated about building a business but it […]

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