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There are two main ways of making money on the Internet: selling a product or offering a service. If you are unable to offer either then the best option open to you is Affiliate Marketing. This is where you earn commission by promoting someone else’s product or service. There are various companies and individual vendors who are happy to recruit people as affiliates to help them sell their product. Your job as an affiliate is simple: refer someone to the vendor’s website (through your unique affiliate link) and if a sale is made – the vender dispatches the product and gives you a percentage as your commission.

Affiliate Marketing is sometimes known as “Referral Marketing” because all you have to do is refer someone to the vendor’s website then collect your commissions for sales. The vendor takes care of everything else from dispatching the product, taking payments, answering queries, issuing refunds, adding new products etc. If you are not interested in the whole business model then affiliate marketing is right for you. In fact there are many people making decent incomes from affiliate marketing with various companies not to mention the bonuses from building a team with Network Marketing.


One of the most popular affiliate network programs is Clickbank which has thousands of products that you can promote. Another one is Amazon Associates which allows you to promote thousands of products from the popular Amazon website. Signing up as an affiliate for these programs will give you access to your own unique affiliate (or referral) link which you can use to promote individual products. Once you have these links you can promote them using advertising methods which you will learn later.



Affiliate Network Programs are fine for single sales but the big money is in Network Marketing. This is where you as an affiliate can recruit your own team of affiliates (called a downline) and those affiliates can build their own teams, which becomes your network. Affiliate companies that support Network Marketing will pay you commission on your own sales and a bonus for each sale brought in by your team members which can results in six figure income for you.

Searching for “network marketing opportunities” or “mlm (Multi-level-Marketing) opportunities” will give you a list of companies you can join as an affiliate and build a network. Before you join, study the affiliate plan and see what it offers. Programs like Trafficwave that offer a monthly commission on subscription sales are ideal but you can still earn a good commission on individual sales, especially if you have a strong network of hard working affiliates.

One last thing to remember: some affiliate programs may be scams. Before you join I recommend you search the Internet to check out a particular program (ie: Is “program-name” a scam) and read a few reports before you make up your mind.

Updated: 16th July 2017 — 5:18 pm

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