How To Build a List of High Quality Prospects

Considering the cost of the subscriber packages in autoresponder tools such as Aweber you would certainly not want many unresponsive prospects on your mailing list. The average marketer focuses on building a single mailing list by promoting their campaign on various advertising resources which gives them a mixture of responsive and unresponsive prospects. The result means that a percentage of people might not even read your email – never mind view your product. Therefore you need ways of filtering your prospects to create a list of high quality mailing list


Most marketers lure people onto their list by offering them something for free. This could be a sample of their product such as a sachet of coffee or a chapter of a book. Out of one hundred prospects there could only be twenty that actually purchase your product while the rest just want to claim the free gift and have no intention of buying. Therefore it is recommended that you build a second mailing list for the prospects who actually buy something from you. This list could be offered in an order confirmation email or on an order confirmation page. After capture you can remove them from the old list.


Your autoresponder tool has features that allow you to see what percentage of prospects actually open your email and how many actually click on a link to go to your website. You can use this information to clean out the unresponsive prospects once you are convinced that they are never going to order from you. There is also a tool that shows the bounce rate which means that your email never even reached the prospect because they have a bad email address or their inbox is full. Some free email providers have a poor quality service and this is why many marketers recommend a Gmail address.


Prospects might read your email and click on your links from time to time but usually do so out of curiosity. Maybe they have kept your email and many others with the intention of eventually reading them and deleting the ones they are not interested in. Some marketers send an email out to all their prospects asking them if they are still interested in receiving email from them and if not, offering them an opportunity to remove themselves from their mailing list. If you do this make sure your email reminds them what information they signed up for and what they could be missing.


Having two mailing lists for your campaign is the best way to filter out the prospects who only signed up to get the free gift you offered. This way you can delete all the prospects from your first list which gives you subscriber space for your next campaign. It is also recommended that you concentrate on high quality advertising such as paid Solo Ads or Facebook Ads to attract the best prospects you can.


Updated: 16th July 2017 — 5:35 pm

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